ABC Management Board

“We take pride in our customer service and make every possible effort to create solutions in quickest and most efficient manner. Our customers are our first priority”

Board of Directors` Biography

Eng. Abdel Rahman El-nwawey

  • Graduated in 1981 from Cairo University in Egypt
  • Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Department
  • Worked in Private sector from 1981 to 1991, particularly in Swan Corporation as he worked for three years in the production line installation, then he get promoted to be a senior power engineer in the first powder coating line in Egypt for another 7 years
  • Afterwards, he created his own business with his co-founder Mr. Mohamed Ezzat since 1991

MR. Mohamed Ezzat

  • Graduated in 1984 from Ain-shams University in Egypt
  • Faculty of Business Administration and international Trade, Management Department
  • Worked in Swan Corporation for 8 consecutive years – from 1981 to 1989 – as a senior purchasing manager, then he continued working in the purchasing career for another two years but in another corporation called “El-Baraka for steel and metal production”
  • Thereafter, he established his own business with his partner Eng. Abdel Rahman El-nwawy since 1991

MR. Ezz Eldin Mohamed Mahmoud Ezzat

  • Graduated in 2013 from Misr International University in Egypt (MIU), with a cumulative GPA of 3.75/4.00 ” Distinction with High Honor”
  • Faculty of Business Administration & International Trade (BA), Marketing Department
  • Completed his Master of Business Administration degree “MBA” in 2015 from The University of Lincoln in the UK, with a distinction
  • Got multiple certificates including, IELTS, PEASS, & ICDL
  • Have many publications such as, ” The Role of Social Media in Contributing to Customer Relationship in B2B Markets” and ” Trust as a barrier in front of online shopping with application on online corporations”
  • Worked in ABC for Industries for 6 years as the head of the logistics department in the first 3 years, then he shifted his position to be the head of the marketing department in the last 3 years. Now he is a member of ABC for Industries` board of directors