British Gondola System

  • British Gondola System is used in hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping centers, retail and wholesale stores and in the other selling sites, where there are plenty of customers
  • British Gondola System is characterized by its ability to hang various kinds of accessories on its different levels as shown in its image. For instance, customers can use the first level to hang sheet shelves, while wire baskets can be displayed on the second level. Additionally, bars can be hanged on the third level
  • Dimensions of this system: Height (220cm), Width (120 cm to 150 cm), Depth: 40 cm or 50 cm
  • British Gondola System contains a lot of components, including:
    • 3 units connected to each other
    • 3 bottom base shelves (40 cm x 90 cm) made of sheet (0.7 cm thickness).
    • 3 shelves above the base (40 cm x 90 cm) made of sheet (0.7 cm thickness).
    • 5 baskets made of wire (0.3 mm thickness)
    • 1, 2 or 3 bars (40 cm x 90 cm). Each bar consists of 2 brackets and 4 tubes (25 mm diameter).
    • 3 wire shelves (40 cm x 90 cm) at the top of the British Gondola Unit.
    • Each unit in the British Gondola System contains 7 punched sheet backs (0.7 mm or 1.2 mm)
    • 3 H-shaped punched columns; the middle column consists of tubes (3 cm x 6 cm), and the other columns consist of  tubes (4 cm x 4 cm)
    • 2 side frames for the British Gondola unit consisting of tubes (4 cm x 4 cm). The internal tube is H-shaped punched while the external tube is not punched.
    • This system contains an extension of tubes to make it easy to operate a double or a 2-face Gondola
    • Shelf brackets are installed on the front and back tubes that constitute the side frame of this system
  • The columns used in this system are free standing, as they cannot be mounted on walls
  • The system is suitable for displaying medium and heavy products as shelves can bear weight of 50 kg to 75 kg and each basket can handle weight starting from 30 kg to 50 kg according to the thickness of wire
  • British Gondola System is plated with electrostatic powder coating & colors as selected by clients
  • Code: 701 081 003
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