Display Stands

Why display stands?

  • The need for stands appears when there are various kinds of goods that require different displaying systems
  • Display stands specially those manufactured for small goods such as chocolate, glasses, gums, gifts, etc. (which usually appears at the front of the store or beside cashier) facilitate the buying process of consumers, as such small products are cheap hence, they attract customers especially at the payment process because chocolate, gums and gifts are preferable but sometimes clients cannot find them among the other products due to their small sizes. Accordingly, display stands contribute to the purchase of these small goods
  • We offer various sorts of show stands for clothing stores, shoe stores, grocery stores, super markets, libraries, digital technology stores (that offer laptops, televisions, Ipad, Ipod, etc..) and for other retail stores
  • We also produce show stands for every product and for several markets that include, wire shelf stand, catalog stand with signboard, big stand 1 level, stair stand 1 meter, rotator stand with steer for cards, beauty stands, punched stands, stand with 9 hooks, flat stand, beauty stand double, mini stand, one level stand, two level stand, stand 2 bar parallel, garment stands, and table stands
  • Display stands, which vary in shape, material and color to meet all criteria can benefit the owners of clothing stores, libraries, supermarkets and many other entrepreneurs who want to perfectly present their products in an elegant way to grab customers` attention

Mass production Procedures

  • Send us your idea, a picture or a sketch
  • Your detailed requirements (e.g. the quantity you want to place on the stand), the information of your product (size, weight, picture)
  • We start to design the size and structure of the stand based on your requirements
  • Afterwards, we begin manufacturing a sample for your approval
  • Then we will start to make the mass production when you approve our sample
  • Finally, we continue the production phases by packing and shipping the required stands to you
  • We have professional team of designers and prototyping machine so we can make a sample for your approval before placing your order
  • We have 20 years of experience in designing and crafting perfect stands, our engineers develop new structures for our clients
  • We also have the perfect graphic designers to deal with your artwork and to offer the best printing effects

Why our stands?

  • ABC For Industries is distinguished by its diversity in manufacturing more than 50 types of shelves and stands that are used in multiple business fields such as food, beverages, shoes, garments, electronics and so forth. As we are among the minority of corporations that are capable of producing a wide variety of stands and shelving systems, which offers us a competitive advantage
  • ABC For Industries is characterized by its ability to manufacture horizontal stands, vertical stands, and folding stands that are used in the display & storage processes, which enable the client to:
    • Show each product properly and distinctively compared with the other competing products
    • The best exploitation of storage & display spaces
  • ABC For Industries can design and manufacture special stands based on many criteria including, its client requests; the internal decoration of the location; the displayed products; and the space of the show room even if such stands are in small quantities
  • This is due to the multiplicity of molds in our plant (estimated by EGP 7 million) in contrary to the majority of other factories that refuse to work in such individual and non-traditional stands. For example, our factory can manufacture stands to display oils, perfumes, tissues, car accessories and other products displayed at petrol stations, which helps to present the companies displaying petroleum and non-petroleum products in an impressive way. Especially, if such stands are manufactured in the form of Company Logo, with the same colors of the logo and with the name of the displaying company
  • All of this provides credence to customers if the company is an international company such as Shell, Esso, ExxonMobil and so on, which leads to the wide spread of the company’s name, and improves its reputation. In addition to improving the image of petrol stations that deal with these giant companies
  • Our company has the ability to produce stands made of stainless steel, which could be used for more than 15 years. Therefore, the cost of replacing old stands (as a result of their usage for a short period of time or due to the appearance industry defects) or buying new ones can be eliminated
  • Our stands are characterized by their differentiation in terms of shape, dazzling and safety as they are attached with locks to protect the internal products from being stolen.

Our range of stands

  • Adjustable Circular Stands
  • Advertising & Promotional Stands
  • Counter Top Stands
  • Electronics stands
  • Garments & Clothes Stands
  • Gas Station stands
  • Household Stands
  • Product Display stands
  • Shoes & Slippers Stands
  • Stationary Library Stands
  • Wire Shelf Stands
  • Diversified Stands
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