Punched Gondola

  • Punched Gondola system is suitable for sports stores, bookstores, home appliances stores, large and small shops, exhibitions, supermarkets, shopping centers, and other places interested in exhibiting their products in an attractive and breathtaking way
  • The Punched Gondola may consist of one unit or more so that customers can assemble 2, 3 or 4 units together to fit the display manner of their products and the interior decor of the place
  • Size of each unit: Height (230 cm), Width (100 cm), Depth (50 cm)
  • The customer may choose the suitable height and width of the punched gondola units according to her/his needs, the place where the gondola unit is displayed, and the sizes of goods and products displayed
  • Each unit of the punched gondola consists of:
    • A base shelf (50 cm x100 cm) , made of sheet (thickness: 0.7mm)
    • A punched back made of 1.2 mm thickness sheet for the installation of hocks, shelves and accessories of Gondola
    • 2 L-shaped columns (220 cm height), made from tubes (3 cm x 6 cm)
    • The columns are H-shaped punched, as shown in the pictures
    • A back frame, which holds the two columns with 97 cm length
    • A bottom sheet mirror (100 cm) with a 7mm thickness
    • 3 or 4 levels to install shelves, however customers may choose the number of levels they want
    • 2 or 3 shelves for each level (40 cm x 45 cm), made of 1.5 mm thickness sheet
    • A 100 cm single bar
    • A tower / signboard (100 cm) made of 0.7 mm sheet. Used to show companies` logos
  • The columns used in this system are free standing, as they are not mounted in the walls of the location where they are presented
  • This system is suitable for displaying medium weight products as each shelf can bear up to 40 kg. The customer can also increase the loads (to more than 40 kg per shelf), by increasing the size and thickness of the shelves
  • The punched gondola system is plated by electrostatic powder coating
  • Colors: white or gray
  • Code: 701 081 009
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