Snacks Display Stand

  • Suitable for displaying various sorts of snacks (e.g. chips, cookies, chocolate, cake, crackers, nuts & trail mix, popcorn, different types of candy, etc…) in big & small supermarkets, hyper markets, mega stores, fast food stores that use snacks as part of their meals
  • The snacks stand is very light in terms of its weight
  • Strong and sturdy structure, durable, bumping-proof, and bearing press
  • Helps you to advertise and to promote products and brand value
  • This stand allows 72 products to be simultaneously displayed (or stored) in a relatively small space
  • This stand is one piece
  • The stand  consists of:
    • A frame of circular tubes ( 25mm diameter)
    • 3 baskets of wire; the used wire thickness is 4 mm
    • Each basket can bear up to 10 kg
    • 4 wheels ( 3 inches)
    • The stand contains a banner of sheet, (20cm x 50cm size)
    • Spare wire (width: 50cm, depth: 35cm, and height: 25cm)
    • 5 hocks from the top
  • Dimensions of the stand:
    • Height: 150cm + 20cm for the signboard, Width: 50 cm, Depth: 35 cm
  • Plating & colors: electrostatic coating (Red, Grey, Yellow, Black, Blue, White)
  • Code: 701 081 007
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