Mold Table

  • This table holds molds excess of 5 tons
  • This table is used for many purposes including:
    • Holding any type of machines to carry out the necessary maintenance
    • Washing molds or heavy equipment when required and carrying out their maintenance processes
    • Therefore, this product is often used in big factories and companies, which have heavy equipment
  • The table consists of:
    • H-shaped beams (thickness: 10 mm, width: 20 cm)
    • A base made of iron (6 mm thickness)
    • The table is made of steel 37
  • The table has a stopcock in the middle to drain water
  • Dimensions of the table:
    • Length: 200 cm
    • Width : 150 cm
    • Height: 54.5 cm
  • Painting: the table is plated by electrostatic powder
  • Colors: white or gray
  • Code: 701 081 004
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