Storage Baskets

Benefits of storage baskets

Storage baskets are used for a variety of purposes, including firstly, to store products in a way that attract the user as he/she can use this basket to put more than one product inside it. Secondly, to announce any offers or discounts offered by companies to consumers. Thus, our storage baskets are placed in showrooms instead of warehouses. Thirdly, to efficiently organize space by containing multiple items in a relatively small area

Technical features

ABC For Industries regular storage basket bears up to 6o kg, while our capabilities for wire storage baskets enable us to manufacture baskets that can handle weight of 500 kg or more

Our baskets are made of 1-inch (25.4 mm) pipes and 6mm wire, which provide maximum security with storage, longer product lifetime and high durability.

Why our storage Baskets?

ABC For Industries’ Basket is easy to install and to disassemble with simple tools, as it reaches to the client disassembled into four parts, then it is installed by a connector that provide easiness of transport to any other place before and after installation, which leads to reducing labor force and saving the time needed to install and disassemble it at any time.

Each Basket has the ability to be adjusted by controlling its level on the floor, which provides the client with full stability and equilibrium as some floors are not flat. Consequently, the ability to adjusted the basket enables it to be well controlled up or down according to the level of each floor.

There is a possibility to add any kind of wheels available to us (whether German, Chinese, Egyptian or Italian wheels) to our Storage Baskets based on the desire of the client

Our Storage Baskets` coating is very high quality, as they are coated by electrostatic powder or nickel chrome to be anti-rust and weatherproof if they are placed in an open-air area

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