Wall Cladding

What is Wall Cladding?

  • Stainless Steel Wall Cladding is one of the most common used in today’s buildings. Wall cladding may be used both on the interior and exterior of buildings, creating a striking architectural effect
  • Stainless Steel Wall Cladding is used to cover and protect your walls
  • Our cladding is being used for a variety of applications including :
    • Restaurant and commercial kitchen wall covering.
    • Clean room and sanitary wall solutions.
    • Flat roof edging, parapets.
    • Paneling for eaves and the underside of roofs.
    • Paneling for stairway railings, doors and gates.
    • Balcony railing cladding and balcony privacy screens
    • Baseboards
  • Our Wall Cladding system is characterized by being:
    • Easily configured to meet project-specific needs
    • Straightforward to install
  • ABC For Industries provides various kinds of stainless steel cladding works, which comprises column cladding, pillar cladding, Escalator cladding, wall cladding, and multiple other types of cladding
  • We have long experience in Stainless steel cladding works and we have very experienced, talented and smart teams to do best works particularly, well suited for the facades of buildings

Why Wall Cladding?

  • There are so many reasons why Stainless Steel Wall Cladding is the top choice for architects. Unlike most of the other types of feature material, stainless steel is available in an array of finishes to suit all conditions
  • Stainless Steel is an incredibly versatile material, it can be rolled, folded or pressed into almost any shape, it is also one of the most robust and sustainable material due to its superior corrosion resistance
  • Likewise, stainless steel is available in different grades to suit surrounding environments. Moreover, it is a sustainable solution to maintain the frame of a building throughout the years
  • Stainless Steel is also a recyclable material. The majority of stainless steel we use today is composed of recycled stainless steel or metal that has already served another function in the past
  • Stainless Steel Wall Cladding systems are largely resistant to acid rain
  • The visual appeal, strength, light weight, and weather resistance of our wall cladding make it perfect for all commercial & residential wall applications
  • The excellent strength and ease of assembly of wall cladding systems allow for long, economical, durable spans of the location where they are installed
  • Finally, stainless steel wall cladding has a glossy and more polished finish. Due to this aesthetically beneficial quality, it is commonly used for wall cladding in a decorative manner

Technical Info.

  • We use high quality stainless steel, which comes in three sizes as standard:
    • 2.0m x 1.0m (HCD/SS/20), 2.5m x 1.25m (HCD/SS/25), 3.0m x 1.5m (HCD/SS/30) depending upon the application, the sheets are either used vertically or horizontally
  • Our stainless steel wall cladding is made of 50cm wide, profiled sheets, which were cold-formed on site from strip steel using a mobile profiling machine
  • Thickness of Wall Cladding: 1.2mm to 3mm
  • Our wall cladding is available in many patterns and options
  • Patterns
    • Plain Sheet
    • Patterned Fine Line and Beveled
    • Custom Patterns Available
  • Options
    • Stainless Steel Grade: 304 or 316
    • Choice of finishes include: brushed, mirror, patterned, textured, embossed and also colored stainless steel finishes
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