Metal Furniture

Today it’s all about the metal! Metal furnishings are durable, stylish, and often ideal for the outdoors. From frilly iron pieces to sleek minimalist modern selections, a range of styles can be evoked by metal craftsmanship. Today we zone in on pieces with contemporary flair, as well as unusual items that can’t help but catch the eye

We provide a wide range of metal furniture made from steel, aluminum, and stainless steel works such as, chairs, tables, double level beds, workstation partitions and desks

The marketing and merchandising efforts of ABC For Industries are geared toward providing a broad selection of styles at competitive prices, quick delivery to the consumer and strong customer support

Metal furniture has a protective finish, making it hardy and long-lasting. It just needs a little TLC to keep it looking like new

Our experienced team of craftsmen uses the latest equipment to produce exceptional products, complete with 3 years guarantee and backed by exceptional customer service

ABC For Industries is well known for its great products as it constantly updates its product lines

You and your family are sure to find the perfect piece for your furniture with our company

We have a complete line of standard products as well as the ability to build custom products to your exact specifications

Our engineering design department can take your ideas and turn them to functional products that can be produced in our facility at affordable prices

All products are built-to-order and manufactured in a timely fashion. Let us make your work space outstanding!

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