Storage x Gondola System

  • Storage x Gondola System is suitable for all types of stores, supermarkets, warehouses, libraries, exhibitions and small and big stores that are interested in displaying and storing their goods in an attractive way
  • Storage x Gondola System is a storage unit on which shelves of the gondola are installed
  • The system is used when there is a need to display and to store various products in one place
  • The system enables hypermarkets and stores, in general, to display their products in different ways and to store them simultaneously. Gondola shelves are used to display the products of the clients while the top part of the system is used to store the rest of the goods. Thus, storage units along with the gondola shelves are a final unique product that ABC For Industries is distinguished by, due to its double usage
  • Storage x Gondola System contains a lot of components including:
    • Components of the internal frame (Gondola) of this system
      • 2 faces for displaying goods on both sides (right and left) of the Gondola unit
      • Four levels and a base, each level contains 2 shelves (30 cm x 90 cm)
      • Each shelf can bear up to 130 kg
      • The base contains 2 shelves (40 cm x 90 cm in size)
      • Two backs made of sheet (200 cm height)
      • 2 T-shaped columns of tubes (6 cm x 2mm thickness)
      • Gondola dimensions: Height (200cm) , width (180cm)
    • Components of the external frame (Storage) of the system:
      • 2 storage sides with a mesh back (4mm diameter); the width of each side is 100cm
      • 4 U-shaped columns made of sheet (2mm thickness); the height of each column is 250cm
      • 2 storage shelves (above gondola unit) made of sheet (3mm thickness) to store heavy products
      • The size of each shelf is 90 cm
  • The existence of the 2 sides (right and left) of the gondola unit provides the system with great stability and strength, and these sides protect the goods displayed on the gondola shelves from falling down
  • Both of the gondola system and the storage system are different and unique. We are proud to integrate 2 dissimilar systems together and to create new incomparable systems in the market, which is considered to be a top success for our company
  • This system is plated by electrostatic powder coating and the colors are selected as required by the client
  • Code: 701 082 002
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