Trolleys and Pallets

Benefits of Trolleys & Ballets

Improve your workflow with ABC For Industries!

Trolleys and Pallets are used when there is a need to transport large amount of goods or equipment from one place to another efficiently and safely. Consequently, organizations can perfectly manage storage and order picking needs. Trolleys and Pallets are sturdy steel frame construction used in hotels, factories, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, companies, and many other business sectors where frequent movement of products is necessarily required

All our trolleys are provided with a wide variety of wheels (German wheels, Egyptian Wheels, Italian wheels, Chinese wheels) that can handle weights from 100 kg to 1000 kg according to customer needs

Why our Trolleys & Ballets?

All our products have been selected for their excellent work-man ship and superior quality

We are proud to present our functional, easy to handle and field-tested range of hand pallet trucks, order picking trolleys, sack trucks and shelf trolleys

ABC For Industries offers its customers 5 years warranty on all kinds of trolleys. Also our company insuring facilities in payment, in addition to less supplying period than other suppliers with competitive prices

Our trolleys and pallets are characterized by their easy movement, installation and cleaning, also they can be easily folded at any time! Therefore, the client will not need to exert great effort

ABC For Industries’ trolleys containing pallets, so the buyer will not need to buy a new one, as it is an essential part of trolleys purchasing

We are sure you will find the products that perfectly fit your needs!

Our range of trolleys

We offer a wide variety of trolleys` sizes with different loads and with multiple formats to suit all types of goods. Also, our trolleys are very high quality in terms of electrostatic coating and the finest tires making it easy to transport and store various goods. These trolleys include:

  • Goods Transfer Trolleys
  • Platform Trucks with Folding Handle
  • Shelf Trolleys
  • Steel Sack Trucks
  • Table Trolleys
  • Transport Trolleys
  • Wire Deck Trolleys
  • Customized Trolleys
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