Safety Fence System

Benefits of safety fence

Safety fence system is suitable for protecting industrial areas, all types of housing, commercial and retail entities. As it maintains and secures the goods or the content that exists inside it, consequently it is difficult for anyone outside the company to have access to what is inside that fence. Besides, our safety fence system acts as a sound reduction method in warehouse environments

Safety fence systems are dimensionally stable, they stay straight and true. They are strong, yet lightweight, easy to handle and require few tools to install

All kinds of our fence systems are provided with doors to facilitate the entry and exit processes for the users

Technical features

Safety Fence can be constructed to a height of 2M to 8M and are single or double boarded each side with a plasterboard type to suit any individual requirement

The height of the safety fence is subject to the requirements of customers; however, the standardized height manufactured by the company is from 2m to 2.20m

The width of our safety fence system is usually 1m to 1.20m

Our safety fence system consists of rectangular meshes jointed together using screws to give the final look of the fence

The fence system is made from wired mesh with 6mm thickness. Likewise, it is provided with different mesh slots (5cm or more) according to customer requirements

Our fence systems include different sizes of tubes such as, 2cm x 4cm or 3cm x 6cm, which is determined based on the security level needed by the client

Further, Metal Partitions can be installed to suit particular arrangements and can include faceted or curved layouts
They can be combined with a range of insulations to enhance their acoustic and thermal qualities

Why our safety fence?

ABC For Industries has over 15 years’ experience in wall & ceiling metal stud partitions in public / commercial buildings, homes, factories, warehouses, and companies

The fence systems available at ABC For Industries are distinguished by their robust welding, rust-resistant electrostatic coating, in addition to our ability to customize any metal safety fence system as per client request

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