Safety Barriers

Why Safety Barriers?

  • Safety barriers are useful in securing site perimeters and provide a permanent obstacle to vehicle access
  • Safety barriers are used to restrict access to potentially hazardous areas. They are ideally suited to car parks, doors ways, entrances, commercial buildings, universities, collages, educational institutes, storage units, hotels, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools and banks
  • Additionally, safety barriers are extremely useful in case of outdoor cafes
  • Such fenders can be useful in the case of the outdoor cafe and not inside a shopping mall, as they make it easy to facilitate the movement of clients and staff in the place. Moreover, these fenders show café dimensions; such as its size, beginning and end. They also separate the cafe from the neighboring shops
  • Furthermore, safety barriers can be used inside factories to protect equipment, inventory, and individuals from damage or injury. Also, they are great for the landscaping design of homes and businesses. Hence, our safety barriers are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Our safety barriers are sturdy, reliable and effective. Likewise, their elegant appearance suits particularly well architectural environments of modern cities and residential areas. Due to their robustness, they offer extraordinary advantages and comfort in busy areas
  • Over and above, safety barriers are used to identify important entities such as, authorities, councils or businesses
  • Give your property that brand new look for years to come! Save time on installation and no core drilling or anchor assembly required

Types of our safety barriers

ABC For Industries manufacture two types of safety barriers including:

  • Fixed barriers are considered safety barriers used as fenders for the facades of hotels, shopping malls and stores (especially glass facades) such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and others. Fixed barriers may be also used as corridors so that people may cross through many places, and also as pathways to identify the places where cars are not allowed to enter, and thus make it easier to organize the entry and exit of cars . Thus, our fixed barriers provide an attractive, yet functional hindrance to vehicle access and parking areas
  • The movable barriers are joined forms with legs so that they may be easily carried, put in different places and moved from one place to another. In addition, movable barriers are used in the roads to constitute walkways for people in places characterized by big crowds of people so that these crowds may be controlled and organized. In addition, these barriers are frequently used in incomplete places or those under construction. Thus, the movable barriers can protect people from uneven walkways and drop offs

Technical Information

  • Movable and fixed barriers are manufactured from round or square stainless steel tubes at 304 or 316 degrees
  • Our safety barriers are available in various lengths and heights
  • All our available barriers are coated with electrostatic powder coating which is characterized by its bright colors
  • All our safety barriers are easy and quick to be set up as they do not require any screws to be installed and they do not have small or big components that require an effort to be assembled

Warranty & Maintenance

  • This product comes with 3 years warranty
  • To ensure your stainless steel product maintains its original shine and stain free appearance regularly clean the unit with a cloth to wipe and buff the surface and it will turn brand new
  • Improve the image of your facility, while protecting people and equipment …
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