Four Punched Sides System

  • The Four system (Four Punched Sides’ System) is one of the displaying systems used by ABC For Industries. It consists of 2, 3 or more columns as requested by the customer. They are laterally punished (taking the shape of lateral lines) using our punching machines
  • Each two columns represent one unit and the consumer can use more columns to increase the number of the required units
  • The column used in the Four system consists of square tubes (40mm x 40mm x 1.8mm) at a fixed height of 2.40m
  • Any column used in that system is punched using fixed punches (H-shaped) from the four sides, so that the client can reach to the best utilization of the system potential to display the products on any kind of shelves either wooden, glass, or sheet and in different dimensions
  • The columns used in that system may be straight and can be mounted on the wall directly, or on an L-shape design
  • All the columns used in the Four system (2, 3, 4 or more) are put separately but they are placed on equal distances
  • Any shelf used in this system is supported by brackets
  • The system is mounted on the walls with flanges from the top, and Fischer wall plugs from the bottom
  • An adjustment screw is used in the Four-system to modify and control the level of columns according to the place where this system is displayed, the displayed product, and to the client request
  • The user of this system can hang different kinds of tubes, supports and shelves on that system
  • The Four system is installed using a wall support that is not less than 18cm away from the wall and another support that is 5cm far from the wall
  • The Four system is usually used in all kinds of stores, but its usage is very limited in houses. Hence, it is used in clothes, shoes, electrical appliances and computers stores
  • The system is plated by electrostatic coating paints. Also, the colors are selected according to customer preferences. Moreover, it could be plated using nickel chrome
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Four Punched Sides System Column “Nickel Chrome”

Model 1
Four Punched Sides System Column “Nickel Chrome”
Size: 240cm
Code: 206 036 001

Adjustable Spacer

Model 2
Adjustable Spacer
Code: 206 036 002

Fixed Spacer

Model 3
Fixed Spacer
Code: 206 036 003

Fixed Spacer

Model 4
Fixed Spacer
Code: 206 036 004

Resin End Cap

Model 5
Resin End Cap
Size: 4cm x 4cm
Code: 206 036 005

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