ABC Profile

ABC for Industries is a leading multinational B2B corporation in the field of metal industries including, shop display systems, storage & racking systems, display stands, decorative stainless steel works, metal furniture, and WaterJet cutting applications. The company started operating its business in Egypt since 1995 and it is headquartered in Badr City/Cairo/Egypt on an area of 5000 m2 with a manufacturing expertise of more than 20 years hence, it is a leading manufacturer of metal based products.

Likewise, ABC for Industries has proven its competence and efficiency in producing over 3000 various products that are important in the field of interior and exterior decor and furnishing helping its customers to display their products in a professionally splendid view.

Additionally, ABC for Industries distributes and exports its products across five countries involving, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Egypt and Libya. Furthermore, the firm had always been a part of national and international exhibitions such as being part of the Global Retail Fair Euroshop in Düsseldorf-Germany.Today, ABC for Industries is a leading manufacturer of metal-based products, holding the highest market-share in its industry as a result of having the first mover advantage toward the Egyptian market.

Moreover, the corporation has more than 300 direct employees who are considered to be highly qualified specialists in their field ensuring the highest quality in addition to, hundreds of indirect staff including, drivers, distributors, suppliers and so forth.

Over the years, the company has been developing its production lines and adding technology to its industry by brining the newsiest machinery in its field thus, serving its goals in developing itself. For instance, in the past five years we have doubled our number of machinery implementing the highest technologies, such as WaterJet, CNC punch, bending machines, drilling machines, etc.