Trundle for Storing Boxes

  • This product is used as a storage unit for keeping company`s files. Boxes of carton or metal are installed on the shelves of these units to store important documents of firms, plants, governmental authorities, hospitals, and other places where files are organized in order to retrieve them easily when required
  • All boxes have special numbers and codes to make it easy to stock and to return the documents back as quickly as possible. Also, these boxes can be used to store light samples, especially in hospitals
  • This product was especially manufactured for one of the oil corporations in Egypt to store its own documents, files, CDs in a creative way
  • The trundle for storing boxes is used in large projects including contracting, oil services, hospitals and other huge projects
  • Technical information of that system:
    • The trundle for storing boxes consists of units assembled in a linear or a horizontal way based on many considerations such as, the space where these units are displayed, the size of works or documents to be stored, and customer preferences.
    • Each unit consists of the following:
      • 6 chassis (columns) made of rectangular tubes (2cm x 4cm)
      • Sheet angles (1.2 cm thickness); each 2 angles constitute one shelf
      • Each shelf can bear from 20 to 30kgs
      • Each unit height is 100cm
  • The trundle for storing boxes is easy to assemble and to disassemble, which makes it easy to move from one place to another; to reassemble and to coat it with a different color as required by the client
  • Customers may choose the sizes and the dimensions (height, length, width and depth) they wish as well as the appropriate shelf load
  • The system is plated by electrostatic powder and clients can select the appropriate colors to them
  • Code: 701 081 005
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