Archive Gondola System

  • This system is suitable for giant bookstores and stationary shops that prefer to display their own products, including notes, notebooks, folders, books, etc.
  • Archive Gondola System contains several components including:
    • 3 separate units, placed next to each other. They also can be grouped as required by the customer.
    • 6 shelves ( 2 shelves per unit ) size : 40 cm x 130 cm
    • 24 Baskets ( 8 baskets per unit) thickness: 6 mm
    • The basket can be installed using bars 2 cm x 4 cm
    • 3 closed sheet backs , the sheet thickness is 0.7mm
    • 6 “L- shaped” columns with “H-shaped punches”, height: 230 cm
    • 3 bases, Depth: 50 cm, Width : 130 cm
  • Gondola Dimensions: height (230 cm), width of the 3 units (130 cm x 3= 390 cm), depth (50 cm)
  • The customer may choose the appropriate height, width and depth of the Archived Gondola units according to (1) her/his needs, (2) the place where the Gondola Unit is displayed, (3) and the sizes of goods and products offered
  • Archived Gondola units are free standing as they are not mounted in the walls of the space where they are displayed
  • This system is suitable for displaying light and medium – weight products as the shelves used in each level can bear weight of 50 kg to 70 kg, and every basket can carry from 20 kg to 40 kg
  • The Achieved Gondola System is painted by electrostatic powder coating and the colors are selected according to the client`s desire
  • Code: 701 081 008
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