Storage & Racking Systems

Benefits of storage & racking systems

Storage systems are used when there is a need for storing goods economically, which allows the existence of the largest possible space for the products that need to be stored

In addition, storage systems are used for storing large and heavy goods, to be transferred when needed from the warehouse to the showroom, so the products can be accessible by the employees of the company, not by customers

Why our storage & racking systems?

ABC For Industries` shelving and racking systems are manufactured in our plant at Badr City in Egypt. Our Versatile systems are designed for use in any environment and for almost any storage requirement: for load capacities between 30 to 9000 kg, for small, large, light weight, heavy weight, bulky and long goods, for use as stand-alone bays or in complex shelving and racking installations as well as in multi-tier facilities

ABC For Industries` shelving and racking are made with the latest state-of-the art technology. The high degree of automation such as in the steel bending process makes sure that all products are absolutely true to size and of a consistent quality. Moreover, professional production planning and tool engineering optimized manufacturing processes and a competent order management guarantee efficient lead times

ABC For Industries is uniquely distinguished by its diversity in producing too many types of storage systems that involve heavy duty, medium duty, light duty, extremely light duty and standard storage systems. Moreover, the production of all these items at one time and in one place; the possibility of receiving these products from a single supplier; and the ability to provide payment facilities gives our company a high competitive advantage

Each storage system has a variety of designs for load capacities; from 30 kg per shelf to 3000 kg per shelf

The powder coating finish; easiness of installation; and the strong and stable construction are the main characteristics of this system

ABC For Industries will be pleased to assist you in choosing the optimum solution!

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