Very Light Duty

Storage systems

Benefits of light Racks

Our Very Light shelving units are perfect for any kind of dry storage, and are used in environments such as convenience stores, supermarkets, garages, workshops and other retail environments. Each unit of the very light storage system handles weights from 120kgs to 160kgs. This system is a high quality non-scratch life-time electrostatic coated designed for simple installations, while having a safe storage racks

If you are looking for a simple, durable solution to storing small items and/or finished products, then our very light duty system is what you need

Technical features

Very Light storage system columns start from 1 meter to 6 meters with 1.5mm thickness

The standardized Very Light Storage system consists of 4 shelves, but it can be customized according to the needs of our customers. Hence, the Very Light Storage System may involve 5 or 6 shelves per unit

The size of each shelf included in the Very Light storage system is 32cm x 75 cm, while the standard height of this system is 2M or 2.5M, which enables the client to the perfectly utilize storage spaces

Each shelf manufactured for the extremely light duty can bear up to 40 kg per shelf level, as it is made of sheet with 0.7mm thickness, which provides the customer with maximum security while storing goods; stability while increasing loads; less maintenance; and easy installation and disassembling

Why our very light Racks?

ABC For Industries’ storage systems are distinguished by the possibility of varying the distances among the levels using columns with repeated slots, that enable the client to store goods with different sizes

ABC For Industries is uniquely known-for its high quality paints, as electrostatic powder coating is famous for its fixed and scratch-resistant colors

The storage systems of our company are differentiated by their robustness, as they are made of 37gauge steel that provide the product with longer lifetime guaranteeing no bending issues

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Silver or gray column bearing up to 300Kg

Model 1
Silver or gray column bearing up to 300Kg
Size: Size: 200cm, 250cm
Code: 305 045 001

Metal Gray Shelf bearing up to 25 Kg

Model 2

Metal Gray Shelf bearing up to 25 Kg
Size: 42cm x 92cm
Code: 305 045 002

4 pieces of Screws

Model 3
4 pieces of Screws
Code: 305 045 003

Connect triangle

Model 4
Connect triangle
Size: 9cm x 9cm
Code: 305 045 004

Column Leg “4 Pieces”

Model 5
Column Leg “4 Pieces”
Code: 305 045 005

2 Heavy Duty Columns, 200cm, 250cm

Model 6
2 Heavy Duty Columns, 200cm, 250cm
Number of Levels: 4 Levels
Shelf Size: 32cm x 75cm
Shelf Material: Sheet
Number of Supporting Pillars: 2 Pillars (200cm)
Code: 305 045 006

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