Tubing Works

ABC For Industries owns several manufacturing techniques, specializing in tubing works, such as:

  1. Pending tubes through tube pending machines
  2. Straightening & Cutting tubes through our tube cutting & Straightening machines
  3. Punching tubes through our tube punching machines
  4. CO2 or oxygen or argon wielding for all our tubes
  5. Tube end form
  6. Grinding & polishing tubes through tube grinding and polishing machines
  7. Our tube polishing works are applicable to all types of tubes starting from 10 mm to 10 cm
  8. ABC For Industries is distinguished by its grinding and polishing works for tubes that are done through six (6) grinding and polishing stations, as the company owns grinding and polishing machines with 6-headers, which are difficult to be available in Egypt. These machines are working on tube grinding on more than one stage, so tubes can reach up to the maximum smoothness, and then go through the polishing process until achieving the highest level of grinding and polishing, which is called Mirror Surface