Islamic Design Door

  • Due to our care about all the needs our customers all over the world, ABC For Industries has succeeded in manufacturing a stainless steel & copper door that addresses the Islamic trappings in its design
  • This door has been used in one of the biggest mosques in Saudi Arabia
  • Components of the door:
    • The door consists of two main materials; copper and stainless steel
    • The internal parts of the door contain many cooper balls that are bundled next to each other and coated with gold 24
    • An external frame of stainless steel 304 (2mm thickness)
    • The door also contains 2 circles of copper with the names of (Khadija and Fatima) printed on them using waterjet machine. These circles were fixed using screws at the back
  • At the bottom of the door, there is also one rectangular copper frame curved using Waterjet Machine
  • Dimensions of the door: Height (200 cm) x width (100 cm)
  • Plating: The external stainless steel frame is coated with varnish to provide it with the required polish. The copper balls are plated with gold
  • Code: 701 081 011
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