Stainless Steel Drawers

  • Our stainless steel medical drawers system is a great solution for pharmacies, healthcare, hospitals and medical center applications. This system is characterized by its versatile applicability and its contemporary design
  • The design of this system complements the style of panel cabinetry that has gained popularity because of its effective use of cabinet interior space. Additionally, every drawer is full extension, meaning you’ll have access to everything in the drawer, even the items in the back
  • Our stainless steel medical drawers open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. Within this comprehensive system, everything stored is easy to access and even small or bulky items are handled with easiness
  • Stainless steel medical drawers system consists of:
    • 5 assembled units (Height: 220 cm, Width: 60 cm)
    • 3 vertical shelves to keep and store medical bags, scissors, cosmetics and other medical products that can be hanged by loop hocks. The size of each shelf is 25 cm x 60 cm, and the  depth is 45 cm
    • 4 horizontal shelves to keep and store medicines and drugs. The size of each shelf is 20 cm x 120 cm, and the depth is 45 cm
    • A top cabinet made of stainless steel for the long-term storage of medical items and for retrieving them when required. The size of the cabinet is 60 cm x60 cm, and the depth is 45 cm
  • All shelves used in this system are made of stainless steel 304, while every shelf is easy to slide and to pull as it is installed on a track
  • The horizontal and vertical drawers are packed by a wooden molding. Also, the type and color of wood are selected based on client`s request
  • This  system is available in three different colors, which are blue, green, and stainless steel
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