Handrail Systems

  • Over the years the handrail system has become popular and has been adapted across the globe as it adds to the elegance and richness of the locations that are using this system
  • Stainless steel handrail systems are fine, shiny, consistent and long living. Also, they are special in saving place and time and in giving a simple look
  • The handrail is an essential part of the decoration of cafes, houses, shopping centers and other places; it is not only a beautiful appearance, but it also provides clients with safety while climbing up or down the stairs. Stainless steel handrail also adds elegance to any place where it is installed and it is easy to clean in a timely efficient manner to become shiny as it was the first time
  • ABC For Industries has proudly brought to Egypt a complete range of premium stainless steel handrail systems. We provide handrail solutions for your homes, offices, commercial buildings, Villas, palaces, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, shopping malls, mega stores, airports, residential projects, Hospitals, Metro stations, and so forth
  • Being a pioneer in modular handrail systems, ABC For Industries has a strong reputation as one of the most respected names in stainless steel handrail across the Arab and African countries
  • Every handrail System we own is precisely engineered to meet our design criteria and yours, ensuring that the project specifications and your design vision are realized without compromise. All of this is accomplished through the coordination of a dedicated team of designers, engineers, fabricators and installers
  • Our handrail systems are pre-assembled in heavy-duty packaging, supplied with stainless steel wall mounting screws
  • Our rails are classy, stylish & easy to fit and can help project elegance, warmth and a sense of space across your home, office or shop stairway and are ideal for home/ office makeovers, renovations or simply as a classy replacement to an existing wooden or chrome banister
  • We are one of Egypt`s longest-established and largest sellers of  high quality stainless steel fittings

ABC For Industries` stainless steel railings are luxurious and well engineered thereby, they are found in prestigious projects and homes in 4 countries including, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Jordon, Libya and Egypt. Hence, we have a strong presence across Arab countries with whom we have been working for more than 20 years.

ABC For Industries` railing products have been installed in many prestigious projects worldwide including:

  • EL Zamzamy co. for décor, Saudi Arabia
  • Basam El Halawany for shop fittings, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Nileen Ltd. For electricity, Sudan
  • Elzawya Group for shop fittings, Libya
  • AL Seddik for shop fittings, Libya
  • AL Emad for shop fittings, Libya
  • Al Rashad Trading Co., Libya
  • Pizza Master- Nasr city, Egypt
  • El Nile co. for Marble- El Shorouk city, Egypt
  • Cibro Badr co.- Badr city, Egypt
  • Integrated food franchising co.-Badr city, Egypt
  • Al zaeem shops- Cairo, Egypt
  • Mintra Co. for industry & trade- Nasr city, Egypt
  • EMC- Badr city, Egypt
  • Archi Casa-New Cairo, Egypt
  • Crystal mind- Cairo, Egypt
  • Lorence co. free zone, Portsaid, Egypt
  • Elsweedy Electric- 10th  of Ramadan city, Egypt
  • ABC For Industries` handrail systems are constructed with mechanical threaded connections to ensure an exact, precise and secure fitting. All railings are fully assembled in our factory and then deconstructed into fully assembled sections to ensure the most efficient installation
  • Materials: High quality antirust stainless steel either AISI 304 or 316 depending on the environmental conditions
  • Height: the height of our handrail systems is 90cm
  • ABC For Industries ensures that the railings components including the screws & anchor fasteners are 100% SS 304 /316 grade
  • Material composition is one of the most important criteria in ensuring a high quality railing which will last for decades
  • ABC For Industries strongly recommends that any stainless steel used in your architectural project should be minimum stainless AISI -304 grade
  • Lower grades like AISI -202 or below may give a lower cost in the beginning but will catch rust within few months of installation which will nullify your entire investment
  • All stainless steel grades generally look similar and the only way to check the quality is through a laboratory analysis of the material. The analysis usually takes 24 hours and requires a small piece of the product. ABC For Industries offers you free material analysis of any railing project
  • ABC For Industries is proud to offer a written certification of the materials used in all of its projects. It is an indicator of our confidence in our product and ensures peace of mind for its customers
  • ABC For Industries takes great care to ensure that every product finds a place of pride in your home
  • ABC For Industries products go through a very detailed finishing process which removes even invisible particles from deep within the surface; ensures a uniform and smooth finish to all its products consequently, a brilliant shine of the handrail is expected. Smooth curves, fine edges, stain finish and well engineered design are the hallmark of ABC For Industries` products
  • A well designed railing must offer a sense of security to the user
  • Every single product created by ABC For Industries is designed from ground up, keeping in mind the environment where the railing will be installed and its associated strength and safety requirements
  • ABC For Industries ensures that its handrails are installed with a very strong foundation. The actual site often presents various challenges for the architect. ABC For Industries works closely with the design team to ensure the railing has firm foundation on any kind of base including, marble, concrete, wood, etc…
  • ABC For Industries railing products are developed in a state-of-art research and development cell involved in creating cost effective solutions for all types of architectural requirements
  • Each product is carefully designed and monitored at each stage of production. The Research and Development (R&D) center works in close association with the marketing team, understanding the specific requirements of customers and creating products that offer perfect solutions to customers` needs
  • ABC For Industries has in-depth knowledge and capability to convert products between various manufacturing processes including, casting pressing, welding and machining to ensure that you get the finest products
  • ABC For Industries operates 3 state of the art production plants equipped with the latest CNC machinery spread over 4000 square feet and employing more than 300 direct employees and hundreds of indirect employees
  • Our railing systems have various designs, since we have metal designs and others grafted with wood and horizontal tubes, wires, glass or wood between them as required by the customer
  • The railings are mounted on the stairs or from outside as required by the customer
  • ABC For Industries` railing products come with 5 years of full guaranty for complete user satisfaction and peace of mind
  • ABC For Industries offers you end to end solutions. Our team will provide technical assistance in selection of design based on site requirements such as, topography, wind load and so on
  • ABC For Industries will handle all the aspects of your project (e.g. Estimation, Design, Production, and final installation). As a home owner or an architect – one phone call to ABC For Industries is all you need to have a beautiful luxury railing installed at your project


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Wall Fixed

Model 1
Wall Fixed
Code: 501 061 001

2 Ways T Connector “90°”

Model 2
2 Ways T Connector “90°”
Code: 501 061 002

3 Ways T Connector “90°”

Model 3
3 Ways T Connector “90°”
Code: 501 061 003

Perpendicular Angle Connector

Model 4
Perpendicular Angle Connector
Code: 501 061 004

2 Ways L Connector “135°”

Model 5
2 Ways L Connector “135°”
Code: 501 061 005

2 Sides L Connector “90°”

Model 6
2 Sides L Connector “90°”
Code: 501 061 006

3 Sides L Connector “90°”

Model 7
3 Sides L Connector “90°”
Code: 501 061 007

Upper L Connector “135°”

Model 8
Upper L Connector “135°”
Code: 501 061 008

Frontal L Connector “135

Model 9
Frontal L Connector “135
Code: 501 061 009

Fixed Foot

Model 10
Fixed Foot
Code: 501 061 010

Ellipse End

Model 11
Ellipse End
Code: 501 061 011

Curve Connector

Model 12
Curve Connector
Code: 501 061 012

Corner Connector

Model 13
Corner Connector
Code: 501 061 013

Connector for Two Tubes “50mm”

Model 14
Connector for Two Tubes “50mm”
Code: 501 061 014

Connector Between Multiple Handrail Levels

Model 15
Connector Between Multiple Handrail Levels
Code: 501 061 015

L Connector for 50mm tubes

Model 16
L Connector for 50mm tubes
Code: 501 061 016

T Connector for 50mm tubes

Model 17
T Connector for 50mm tubes
Code: 501 061 017

Handrail Column “10mm tubes” for Stairs` Sides

Model 18
Handrail Column “10mm tubes” for Stairs` Sides
Code: 501 061 018

Handrail Column “50mm tubes” Installed Above Stairs

Model 19
Handrail Column “50mm tubes” Installed Above Stairs
Code: 501 061 019

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