Quality Assurance

Quality Control Process

ABC for Industries` quality control process is based on the right implementation of the inspection by attributes process, which means that the inspected item is classified as either acceptable or defective. This process has the following three features:

1- Level of inspection

  • Three general inspection levels. I, II, and III
  • For small sample sizes, four levels, S1, S2, S3, and S4

2- Inspection severity

  • Normal
  • Tightened inspection
  • Reduced inspection

3- Sampling types

  • Product samples offered to our customers pass by three stages to ensure the maximum quality required. These basic steps include, simple, double and multiple

Quality Assurance Policy

Our quality assurance policy encompasses not only inspection of finished production on a 100% basis, but also quality planning, process controls, incoming material control, analysis and correction action in respect of defects, and quality reporting. Consequently, we apply a quality control system that ensures the verification and maintenance of the desired level of quality in all our products by careful planning, the use of proper equipment, continuous inspection, and taking corrective action where required

Therefore, our industrial engineers collaborate with the quality specialists and play their role in the design of quality control system to eliminate defective products from being supplied to the next stage in production or ultimately to the customer

ISO 9001

Currently we are on our way to grant our ISO 9001 certificate as we are working hardly toward fulfilling its requirements and we are expecting to receive it by the beginning of 2017