Why ABC?

  1. 3000+ products, cost effective & High quality
  2. Being able to provide our customers with 8 different services (all in one place)
  3. Producing 40,000 tons annually
  4. Quick and efficient delivery
  5. Customized solutions meeting all your needs
  6. Leading the market share, 20+ years of experience
  7. Three to five years Guarantee over all our products
  8. Superior surface finish using electrostatic powder coating or Nickel chrome, leading to durable products
  9. Manufacturing, plating, supplying, transporting and installing customers` products at one place
  10. Supplying our products before deadlines (within only two weeks)
  11. Highest quality of welding and cutting any material
  12. Long lasting products (up to 17 years) without the need for any maintenance or replacement
  13. Using the best types of raw materials for producing top quality products such as, stainless steel 316
  14. Free return of any defected products and free shipment to customers` doors
  15. Delivery in record time
  16. After-sales service, includes free maintenance
  17. Completion of any previously manufactured products by adding corners, metal parts and so forth

We Deliver…We Export…..We Lead