Gold Plated Columns

  • The product consists of columns used in giant mosques and huge buildings with Islamic style as a form of Islamic decoration
  • These columns have been designed based on our customer`s request to be placed in one of the biggest mosques in Sudan
  • Each column  consists of the following:
    • 2 top and bottom boxes of stainless steel 304 (stainless steel thickness is 2mm)
    • Each box contains a big copper frame (5mm thickness) engraved by Waterjet machine to provide the engineering design as required by the client
    • 2 circular tubes in the middle made of stainless steel 304, in addition to 4 small boxes of stainless steel with 4 small copper frames
  • These columns are separated from each other and customers may determine the required quantities of the columns upon their request
  • External Dimensions of the Column
    • Total height of the column: 280 cm
    • Total width of the column: 40 cm
  • Internal Dimensions of the Column
    • Dimensions of top and bottom boxes: height (70 cm) x width (40 cm)
    • Dimensions of circular tubes: height (90 cm) x diameter (65 cm)
  • Plating: Small and big stainless steel boxes and circular tubes are coated with varnish to provide them with the appropriate polish, and all copper frames are plated with gold
  • Code: 701 081 010
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