Flexible Rack system

  • The flexible rack system is easy to assemble & disassemble its components without any screws. Also, it can be easily transferred from one location to another
  • Besides, customers can put more than one rack of this system above each other to maximize the amount of stored goods while saving space
  • This rack system was used for one of the biggest textile companies, which is called Kazareen
  • Dimensions:
    • Width (125cm)
    • Length (230cm)
    • Height (80cm)
  • The Flexible Rack System consists of:
    • Three sheet sides, thickness (1.2mm) height (80cm) , length (230cm)
    • One wire side, thickness (3mm), height (80cm), width (125cm)
    • A sheet base, thickness (3mm), length (230cm)
    • Four legs
  • Code: 701 081 015
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