Heavy Duty

Benefits of heavy Racks

  • Heavy-duty storage units are the best choice for bulkier, heavier items ranging from 3 to 9 tons. These units are the best space saving and storage solution for work spaces such as stores, factories, warehouses, shops and other retail environments. In addition, these units provide customers with maximum security while storing goods; stability while increasing loads; less maintenance; and easy installation and disassembling. Our heavy-duty storage units are one of our best sellers and it is not hard to see why! Made with extreme toughness and sturdiness
  • Our Heavy Duty system features a completely metal frame and shelves, to hold even the heaviest items and tools
  • Flexible design, beauty of shape and high quality are the characteristics of this system
  • This product is characterized by its easy assembling and installation, as it does not require screws in tying, which allows the user to move it anywhere easily and to reduce the required labor force
  • All these specifications offer consumers many benefits, including getting a safe storage system, a lifetime product and easy- to-move product from one place to another

Technical features

  • High quality non-scratch life time columns multi-rises (1 meter / 2 meters / 2.5 meters / 3 meters / 4 meters / 5 meters / 6 meters), which bears unit weight of 1.5 to 9 tons (according to the number of shelves used) distributed systematic
  • The various heights of the column allow for vertical storage of bulkier products
  • The size of each shelf included in the Heavy Duty Storage System is either 25cm x 100cm (when using metal shelves) or 50cm x 100cm (when using wire grid shelves)
  • The load capacity of the each level starts from 500 kg to 3000 kg since we have:
    • U beams – thickness (2mm), width (9cm)
    • C beams – thickness (3mm), width (12cm)
    • C beams (Double) – thickness (3mm), width (12cm)
  • The availability of shelve spaces with different dimensions (beams with multi lengths 1m, 2m, 2.40m, 2.75m and 3m x depth 1m) enables the client to the perfectly utilize storage spaces

Why our heavy Racks?

  • ABC For Industries’ heavy duty system is distinguished by the possibility of varying the distances among the levels using columns of repeated slots, which allows the customer to store goods with different sizes
  • ABC For Industries is uniquely known for its high quality paints, as electrostatic powder paints are famous for their fixed and scratch-resistant colors
  • The storage systems of our company are distinguished by their robustness, as they are made of 37 gauge steel that provide the product with longer lifetime guaranteeing no bending issues

Range of heavy racks

Our range of heavy-duty systems includes the following:

  • Pallet Rack System
  • Mezzanine Rack System
  • Cantilever Racking System
  • Drive-in-System
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